Our Journey so far

Mr.S.G.Jayaraman, the founder of Chidambaram Fishnets Pvt Ltd, was a teacher by profession in Killai, a village near Chidambaram. He has been observing the activities of the societies of fishermen in selling and distributing the fishnets and other accessories during his leisure time.

He wanted to give a try to the trading of these fishing accessories. Therefore he was engaging himself in this business in his free time under the banner CHIDAMBARAM FISHNETS. He was ably assisted by his wife and mother in the trade. The business, which was started in a miniature scale, kept growing and demanded the full time attention of Mr. Jayaraman and therefore he left his profession of teaching and started concentrating on this business.

A shop was established and the business started treading on the growth path. To tap the potentials of Chennai, a seashore, he established his business at Chennai. As a next step sequel to the business Mr. Jayaraman wanted to put up production facilities and he was successful in establishing the net and twine manufacturing factory.

Currently the company is managed by his two sons Bhaskaran Jayaraman & Ramanathan Jayaraman as Mr.Jayaraman has moved on to other ventures. Ever since it embarked into export business (in 1997) it started making exports to Srilanka, U.A.E and other African countries. Chidambaram Fishnets is constantly in search of other overseas markets and advance production facilities.

Chidambaram Fishnets Factory
The company has two manufacturing plants located in Chennai, that produces Multifilament nets and Polyethylene ropes round the clock.

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